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Infant-Toddler and School Series

iLearnNEarn2 - Infant-Toddler and School Series is a mobile app that helps parents and teachers develop individualized learning program for infants, toddlers and school-age children with autism.

School and Adult Series

iLearnNEarn2 - School and Adult series is an award winning learning app that helps adults on the spectrum acquire life skills in areas of personal care, domestic, vocational and recreational activities.



Infant-Toddler and School Series


Set up Teaching Goals

It's a secure place where teachers can set up teaching goals, assign programs and view progress reports all in one centralized location on any device



The app offers customization option where the parents or teachers can upload their own pictures and prompts making it easy to individualize the programs according to the learning requirements


Manage Programs

It stores and manages the programs so that once the content is developed can be assigned to different students

School and Adult Series


Skill Assessment

The app assesses the skills of individuals on the spectrum and assigns goals based on their learning requirements. The app has integrated Eden Autism Services Curriculum into graphics to facilitate individuals with interactive learning tools


Step by Step Teaching

The app provides interactive teaching method through step by step visuals which can be incorporated with images, audio and videos from our default content. Parents/teachers can also create customized visual content by using pictures, videos and voice recordings taken right from the device


Visual Teaching Methods

It is an innovative app that comes with a wide range of visual teaching methods for a detailed interactive experience

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Infant-Toddler and School Series App

The iLearnNEarn2 series of autism apps are feature-rich. As a parent, teacher or researcher, you have the choice to customize these programs to the unique needs of every learner. The app has

— Over 240 skills to choose from
— Built-in Assessment, Training and Play modules
— ABA-based technology
— In-play customization
— Live monitoring of activity sessions
— Availability of reports

Available on

GooglePlay    iTune

School and Adult Series App

iLearnNEarn2 – School and Adult Series stands out of all other autism apps of its kind. First, it is not restricted to the applied behavior analysis (ABA) method. The app can be used as a supplemental aid with preferred method of intervention. The app has

— A library of 200 skills
— 6 types of programs to facilitate personalized education
— Data-sharing functionality
— Maintenance of program creation and assignment
— Maintain Progress Reports

Available on


Success Stories


    "I am a French mother of a 17-year-old autistic child and I would love to find some good android apps, based on ABA method. Your apps are just great; they are THE ONLY good ones for heavy autistic children"

    − Sophie Piette (Parent) Read more


    "I have downloaded a number of your apps. The Signs app, Color Find, Objects, Face Read 1 and 2, Care, Animal Sounds, My Words... They all look wonderful as I am a teacher who works with hearing impaired students and other special needs students"

    – Marty Leavitt, New Braunfels, Texas (Teacher) Read more


    "I sat at my laptop [at home] and made changes [in the iLearnNEarn program] depending on what the children had learned, what they had been exposed to that week and what I was thinking that was upcoming in my lesson plans, I was able to sort of tweak the programs that they were going to be using, and I liked that"

    – Joan Hannes, ECLC of New Jersey (Parent) Read more


    "I adore work with autism" – Demy Dream, Alexandria, Egypt "The Colors Program has been great for the students. I see them focusing for a much longer period of time, which is great, so it allows me to teach something to a whole group and then I can take a particular student and work with him individually"

    – Russ Fay, ECLC of New Jersey (Teacher) Read more


An Array of Apps for Autism

At last, you have an all-inclusive package of apps for special education.


The world has not yet seen too many assessment apps for autism. Developed on Eden Autism Services’ Assessment and Curriculum Protocol for Skills Acquisitions, iAssessNTeach apps for autism help parents and professionals involved in the education of infants and toddlers (Home Series) and school-age children (School Series) systematically evaluate skill areas in all domains and set learning goals appropriate for the individual on the spectrum. You need to register for the assessment apps to be able to access report cards, customize the content and track the progress of the individual being assessed. Read more about iAssessNTeach Home Series and iAssessNTeach School Series here.


Intervention apps for special education are an integral part of any autism management program that is powered by assistive technologies. The job of the therapists and parents does not stop at screening and assessment. It is equally important for them to provide intervention, which, if done in time, can help individuals with autism have fewer meltdowns and become more sociable as well as independent. In 2011 we introduced the award-winning iLearnNEarn series of apps for special education and are now poised to deliver ColorsKit – a unique autism management toolkit comprising screening, assessment and intervention programs. We warmly welcome you to a colorful, fun and interactive world of apps for autism.

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